+ What is Yoga?

Yoga is a system of physical and mental practices that originated more than 6,000 years ago. Its purpose is to assist each one of us to achieve our highest potential, improve our health and discover joy through our connection with the mind, body and spirit. With yoga we can improve the quality of our lives by reducing the levels of stress and fatigue we carry in our bodies. We can live longer and better together.

+ I am new. Can I buy just a few classes to start?

YES! We offer a great intro special, 2 weeks unlimited for $22. After that, you may purchase just one class, get a package or membership, and, follow us on Facebook for special deals throughout the year.

+ I've never done yoga before. Can I attend class?

Yes! All of our classes are open to all levels and modifications will be given as needed. However, for extra help in developing your form, we recommend that both beginners and more seasoned students attend our foundations workshops, held every quarter, to learn more about form and alignment.

+ Can I do yoga if I'm not flexible?

That’s definitely not a requirement. If flexibility is a goal of yours, then power yoga will definitely help. Ultimately, it’s those who have a flexible mind that experience the greatest shifts. (FYI: Everyone has different levels of flexibility for different movements, even those of us that have practiced for years.)

+ What do I wear?

Wear comfortable exercise pants, leggings or shorts made of breathable fabric. A form-fitting top made of a breathable or sweat-wicking fabric will make your practice more comfortable. Bare feet only in the studio, please.

+ What should I bring to class?

You will need a mat, a towel and water. We do have these items for sale or rent should you need them. All personal items are to be left in the back of the room, including cellphones. Shoes should be left right outside the room.

+ I don’t have a mat or towel or anything!

No worries! We rent/sell everything you need. We also have water, coconut water and local pressed juice for sale in studio.

In hot yoga, you will need a sticky mat. We have several options of quality mats from Jade Yoga, Manduka and B Mats for sale in the Root2Rise store.

+ Can I come to any class on the schedule?

Yes. Our classes are ongoing and you can attend any class you want. Certain classes and workshops can fill up, however; so, to ensure you are enrolled in your favorite class, we recommend online advance registration through Mindbody or by calling us at 985-346-6399.

+ How often should I practice?

Consistency is the key to success in yoga. 2-3 days per week will create transformation over time, for life changing results practice 4-5 days per week.

+ How do I sign up?

Passes can be purchased at the studio before class or online by setting up an account on our Root2Rise app. For our cost of classes passes, check out our main yoga page.

+ I’m interested in learning more about alignment. What are my options?

We offer private yoga and focused foundation workshops for those looking to deepen their practice. All of our teachers are available before and after class to answer questions. And, of course, attending more and more classes will help you create muscle memory.

+ How hot is hot yoga?

Our heated classes are range anywhere from 80-100 degrees. Others are taught at room temperature. The heat will relax your muscles and allow you to take your practice to another level. Sweating is good for you!

+ I feel like I sweat a ridiculous amount.

That's part of the process. It just means you are one healthy yogi. :)

+ Sometimes it looks like people are members of Cirque de Soleil in your classes.

Yoga practices look different from mat-to-mat. Yoga teaches us not to compare ourselves to others and to feel great just as we are. (And honestly, experienced yoga students are focusing only on themselves---not others.) The more you practice, you will find ways to keep your practice fresh and yourself growing. But at Root2Rise, we think Child’s Pose is just as cool as handstand.

+ What is the meaning of OM and why do we OM before class?

OM is an ancient mantra, a primordial vibration (definition: prīˈmôrdēəl ~ existing at or from the beginning of time). In many of our classes we either start or end by chanting three (3) OMs to create harmony and unity within the class.

+ What is the meaning of Namaste?

Our classes always end with the teacher and students reciting the word Namaste. Simply said, Namaste means: “The Light in Me Honors The Light in You.” Reciting Namaste enables individuals to come together energetically, to a place of connection.

+ What is a Drishti and what do you mean by focusing on one?

Drishti literally means “€œperception“. Drishti is the specific point at which to look or focus the gaze when practicing yoga. Looking at the Drishti focuses the mind and brings the concentration inwards, making it easier to balance and focus during a pose.

+ What is Savasana?

We end every class in savasana (corpse pose). During this pose, you lie on your back for several with your arms to your side. You close your eyes, breathe naturally, and practice eliminating tension from the body. The teacher will then approach every student to place a cool towel across their forehead.