Our bodies rely on collagen as a structural protein; it is found in bone, muscle, skin, and many other body components. Collagen itself is made up of various proteins (amino acids) in a multitude of combinations and functions. Our bodies produce collagen, but can also absorb collagen consumed in the diet. Studies have shown that portions of dye-tagged collagen peptides showed up in the skin and ligaments of the participants. This means that their bodies utilized the collagen as a source of dietary protein for energy and body repair. 

Most people should be able to get an adequate amount of collagen by consuming a balanced and varied diet. However, as we age collagen stores decline so it may be beneficial to add a supplement. One delicious and comforting way to do that is with bone broth. You can make your own (be sure to use grass fed bones from a reputable source) or you can purchase some of our homemade bone broth at Root. Another easy option is adding hydrolyzed collagen to your daily coffee, tea, juice, or smoothie. At Root we like Great Lakes brand. It’s made from grass fed and pasture raised beef, contains 11 grams of protein per serving (2 tablespoons), and dissolves beautifully in any liquid. Try it in our brand new Collagen Shot (strawberry, orange, coconut water, and collagen), which is part of our Summer Lovin’ juice 6-pack! Get one today to support your body, especially your skin, through the sweltering summer months!