Patsy Trahan is a lover of life, friends and family with an incredibly energetic, positive attitude.  When Patsy turned 59, she decided that she wanted to have “buns and guns” before turning 60.  One of her co-workers persuaded her to try a restorative yoga class at Root2Rise. Patsy loved restorative yoga and decided to try a vinyasa flow class.  Patsy explains that she tried multiple classes and specials around Houma, but nothing compared to her authentic experience at Root2Rise.  Patsy giggled and commented, “There is nothing like working really hard in a heated power yoga class and relaxing in Savasana afterward with a cold lavender towel placed on your forehead.” She expresses her appreciation for the Root2Rise instructors: “The teachers at Root2Rise really care. They give clear instruction, assist when you are out of alignment, or even need a word of encouragement or an extra push.  Their inspiring words and focus on both safety and technique is exceptional.”  Patsy is a strong, vibrant Root2Rise yogi who glows with positivity and inspiration. Much to our surprise, she struggled with back pain from scoliosis for most of her life, but the practice of yoga has not only given her the “buns and guns” of her desire but also relief from back pain.  Thank you, Patsy, for bringing your light to our community.