Yoga came into my life as a way to manage chronic back pain and stress. Throughout my first yoga class, I couldn’t wait for it to be over. I kept thinking “Just 40 more minutes. Just 20 more minutes…” I watched the way others were moving and thought, “I’ll never be able to move my body like that.”  However, after class, I felt so good. I knew I wanted more. To me, yoga means taking care of myself. It means actively breathing after a crazy day and feeling good in my body. My career as a medical speech-language pathologist has deepened my compassion and emphasized the importance of health. I recently attained my 200-hour teacher certification and am now Yoga Alliance accredited. I teach power flow with the intention to both relax and strengthen. Life is stressful, and yoga is a place to release tension. Yoga is not a solemn, unattainable practice. It is fun and inspires personal growth! I want to help those who are suffering as I was and who are not aware of yoga as an option. My goal is to help people realize that yoga is for every BODY. - Izzy Tabor Levy