As a life-long avid tennis player, yogi and fitness fanatic, Triche Desonier Chouest of Houma always found time to fit exercise and clean eating into her lifestyle. However, the past few years have taken Triche on an incredibly beautiful yet more health challenging route. Triche and her husband, Dino travel the world, but often find it difficult to eat super healthy and stay fit. Triche was actually driving to New Orleans to find juice cleanses before she realized the amazing fresh juice reset available at her fingertips less than a few miles from her Houma residence:

“My experience with juicing from Root2Rise was nothing short of fantastic. My husband and I chose to do the 3 day “Just Juice Reset.” We are always traveling and eating on the run often times causing us to just feel weighted down. Juicing came to my mind, and we decided it would be the perfect reset for our bodies. Our first day was tough. Weening off of caffeine (meaning our morning coffee routine) was one of the first huge obstacles we had to overcome. It created for a bit of moodiness and quite the headaches.
Day one was the toughest as your body is detoxing from all of the usual processed sugars and carbohydrates going in each day. When things got dire we turned to a handful of cashews or almonds to ease the hunger. Day two came with both of us feeling much lighter on our feet and very accomplished already. We knew the routine and actually enjoyed the various types of juices we got. The flavors were delicious!! The headaches eased off a bit and the motivation was high.
It’s amazing to see how well your body starts to function when you are fueling it with fruits and veggies for energy rather than “off the shelf” processed foods. Day three came for us feeling GREAT.
My husband lost 6lbs and I lost 3lbs! We were so proud and feeling like healthy eating would be much easier to achieve now that we completed such an awesome jump start. We have already recommended to so many friends and family who express interest in looking to improve their overall health and wellness and need to see that they too can get a great start from this route. We look forward to our next juicing experience from Root2Rise.”

We are excited about the fantastic results our juice reset brought to Triche and Dino!
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