The Root2Rise Juice Reset is for anyone looking to create change, find balance, or take on a challenge. The reset can be used to jump-start a weight loss plan, get back on track after an indulgent holiday, clean up a currently less than optimal diet, or to initiate an elimination diet. We offer two versions of the reset, the “Mostly Juice” and the “Just Juice” to allow for customization depending upon juicing experience, goals, and most importantly, personal preference. The “Mostly Juice” option is suggested for those who are new to juicing and clean eating. This may also be the best option for someone looking to lose some weight, however weight loss will depend upon current diet, adherence to the “before and after the reset” advice, and post-reset behavior. The “Just Juice” option is meant for experienced juicers, with practice in clean eating. This reset can be a great way to return to a clean diet, to find balance following a particularly indulgent period, to begin a vegan or vegetarian diet, or to begin an elimination diet (a proper elimination diet should be guided by a medical professional, but this may be a way to begin to easily eliminate things like dairy, gluten, sugar, etc.). Whether you have current dietary goals or not, a juice reset can provide your body with the opportunity to take a break from some of the more strenuous digestive processes, while simultaneously offering a high dose of varied nutrients to support your bodily functions, all the way to the cellular level.

As a business owner and registered dietitian (RD) I do my best to keep my nutrition advice, menus, and recipes grounded in balanced, sound, science-based ideals, which is why I chose to offer a “reset” rather than a “detox” or “cleanse.” For many RDs the words detox and cleanse make us cringe. There are so many companies out there pushing pills, supplements, and diet plans promising to cleanse your body of those mysterious toxins without any science backing their claims. While much of what they’re touting or selling can be physically harmless to those in good health, I find it reprehensible that consumers are wasting their time, money, and taste buds on drinks, supplements, and plans that have not been validated, or even found to be safe, just to line someone’s pocketbook. Not to even mention the potential impact it has on the culture of disordered eating. We live in a time of information overload and unqualified nutrition gurus and I feel it is my responsibility to speak up against practices and products that are harmful to not only the physical, but also the mental and emotional health of my community. In my opinion, unless you have been exposed to heavy metals or other serious poisons your body can eliminate “toxins” through normal bodily functions. Your kidneys and liver work with the other members of your body’s elimination team to filter out and remove anything your body doesn’t want or need. While there is room for cautious consideration of potential exposure to toxins through food, products, and our environment, it is not something we should give ourselves anxiety over. I am a big proponent of doing the research and of doing our best to avoid those things that we know to cause harm, i.e. cigarettes, fish with high levels of mercury, BPA and phthalate containing plastics, etc. Along the same lines, I believe in buying, eating, and promoting things that have been known to be safe and healthy over time, the only true study worth trusting. So in closing, drink plenty of water, eat lots of fruits and vegetables, and try the Root2Rise reset, if it seems right for you, or don’t, either way take care of your body, it’s the only one you’ve got!