Hi Friends!
I love and miss you all to pieces! If you don’t know me I’m Claire, a former Root2Rise teacher and lover of all things yoga! I hail from the bayou region of Bourg but have relocated to a Los Angeles suburb. L.A. is very different from LA. The glamour and lights are around, but it’s not always as spectacular as one might think. No matter how much peace, love, and glitter you have in your heart, relocating your life is some serious s.h.i.t.! Just so we are clear and no F.O.M.O. (fear of missing out) sets in. Disclaimer: I’m incredibly sarcastic and super corny. I accept all of me! But seriously, I miss you all! You are beautiful, powerful, and full of unlimited potential! Aren’t you stoked to be a part of this community? The R2R community is amazing! The yoga community is awesome, and the fact it all leads to leading a more heart centered life is priceless! Aren’t you excited!? We are so lucky to be here now! We are so lucky we have the resources to look up the word yoga to find out it means unity, which translates to yoke, which translates to WE ARE ALL ONE! Isn’t that amazing?! It’s a freaking beautiful thing to be a part of, isn’t it? Let’s all take a breath before we continue and think of three things we are grateful for:
Sometimes, I need to be reminded life is amazing! Sometimes, I need to be reminded that my lungs are breathing, my heart is beating, my nervous system is so freaking electric!! I am alive! Sometimes, I need to be reminded that I live in a beautiful world, filled with endless possibility, and spewing thick, gooey love! So, I figured you guys might need that to. I love you! We got this!

Lately, I’ve been feeling pretty excited about a certain yoga studio, in my area. Just in case you’ve forgotten, I no longer live in Houma, or my butt would be at the Root every day! Anyway, when I walk through the doors of this particular studio, I’m not only greeted by a smile from the teacher, I also hear the magical sounds of what I call "real talk." When I hear real talk, it’s my heart’s indicator that I am among friends, equals, those who get it. My definition of real talk is the sharing of opinions, feelings, stories, and experience in a safe, non-reactive environment. A non-reactive environment is an environment where those who are listening
just listen. That’s it. It’s so freaking simple! Isn’t that simple? The listener just keeps their
preconceived notions, assumptions, and judgments to themselves while someone else speaks their truth. The listener respects the speaker’s humanity and gives the speaker space to be themselves. The speaker feels respected and heard and then returns this favor to the listener. I’m am completely lying when I say this is easy. The truth is it has taken me 29 years to learn this! But it is crucial for our yoga communities! Remember, yoga means union, unity, yoke. Yea, that’s the reason this is important!!!! So, the teachers at this studio in my hood aren’t just showing their bendy, happy go lucky side. They are exposing their crummy day, bingeing on Netflix in pajamas side! It is so freaking refreshing!!! It’s the small things, like finding a real talk studio, that remind me I am exactly where I need to be. My humanity is seen, because this group isn’t afraid to be seen. This studio may not know it, but it has provided me with an opportunity to feel a sense of community. For a Cajun, far from home, that feeling is

I have been obsessed with the word community since I met Shantelle Abshire a million years ago! Here’s the thing, humans were designed to work together. Community isn’t just a word, it’s the way we are designed to live life. I’ll spare you the research and jump straight to it! As a species, we are healthier and happier when we have support systems in place i.e.. community!!! For example, Facebook pages for yogis, dancers, cross fitters, bikers, and gamers. #fitlife, #momlife #slayallday #manbun (heehee)!! There are apps to meet up, find friends, find lovers, find dancing partners. Just check out Craig’s list (not serious)! I wanted to share my experience with you guys, because I know Shantelle, Leah, and the entire Root2Rise community know what real talk is all about. For as long as I’ve known you, I have heard and sensed the real talk within the walls. Members of R2R give time, support, connection, energy, love, and respect to
one another. You are willing to take off the masks of your everyday lives, so you can discover the perfectly, imperfect version of yourselves. The Root2Rise community understands the importance of yoga, union, unity, yoke, and I can’t wait to be amongst you all again!
To all of you practicing real talk in your lives, thank you! You are creating community and connection. To everyone practicing yoga on and off the mat, you are warriors! To every individual out there searching for that feeling of belonging, I see you, I hear you, you are loved!
I love you all. I love the community you have created, and I can’t wait to be back September 23rd-24th to share some restorative yoga and yoga nidra knowledge and have some real talk!

May you be happy! May you be free!