So here it is, another blog, point of view, opinion and perspective! But why? Why do we wanna share ourselves so much with others? What's it worth and who really cares? Why even put myself out here? So. Many. Questions. 

I have one good answer, connecting with others is my passion.

And frankly, I'm good at it. I genuinely enjoy it and creating a space to share in a bigger way just seems like what's next. So here I am world. Readers or not.

My hope is to grow here, to let go here, and to trust myself here. This will be raw, full of grammer growth, and some rambling realness. Perhaps along the way we will discover something new or have a laugh. 

If you are interested, I'm here, and totally honored. If you're not, cool. Either way, my promise is to share the shine, shoot the shit, and have some fun!